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What To Do In Queens

Flushing Meadows Corona Park The largest park in Queens has quite the interesting evolution story. It was once nothing more than an ash and refuse

Loans To Personal Injury Clients

Loans To Personal Injury Clients Most personal injury cases take somewhere between two to four years to get to the trial stage. During the pendency of

Reimbursement for Lost Wages

Reimbursement for Lost Wages If you sustain injuries in a motor vehicle accident in New York, and those injuries prevent you from working, then you

Raymond Felton’s Gun Case

Raymond Felton’s Gun Case Back in 2008, New York Giants wide receiver, Plaxico Burress, got arrested on felony possession of a weapon charges after accidentally

Litigating a Personal Injury Case

Litigating a Personal Injury Case If a personal injury claim cannot be settled, the injured party’s attorney must institute a lawsuit to push the case

What is No Fault?

What is No Fault? Every automobile insurance policy issued in the State of New York contains “personal injury protection” coverage. This “PIP” portion of the


DO I NEED A LAWYER? People charged with misdemeanor offenses (e.g., shoplifting, assault, trespass, possession of marijuana, DWI) often ask me, “Do I really need

Welcome to Michael Dreishpoon

Welcome to Michael Dreishpoon! Welcome to my blog. This will be an ongoing venture that will contain my unique perspective on personal injury and criminal

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