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Personal Injury Lawyer Testimonials

“Mr. Dreishpoon will go out of his way to get the best result possible.”

Five Star Rating

I would highly recommend Michael Dreishpoon to anyone. I was arrested for DWI [...] and needed an attorney to help with the charge. Michael got the charge reduced to DWAI which resulted in 90 day License Suspension with no criminal record oppose to 6 months license revocation with criminal record. If you need a great and knowledgeable lawyer look no further, Mr. Dreishpoon will go out of his way to get the best result possible. He will always tell you like it is and won't promise something that he can't deliver on.

“never failed me once.”

Five Star Rating

Over 14 years as a client with This law firm, never failed me once in any of my cases handled. They fight till the end to achieve a settlement in your favor and leave you a happy customer. I have referred personal friends and even family to this law firm and in the trust of Their hands. I refer this law firm to anyone who needs a good lawyer. And it is true, they can be contacted 24/7. I know I've used them at wee hours of the morning before and they are in court right by your side in a matter of hours!! That's been their M.O. Since I've first met them [...] for a personal injury case, till the present day!!!

“If you want to fight for your innocence, hire Mr Dreishpoon”

Five Star Rating

If you want to fight for your innocence, hire Mr Dreishpoon. While other attorneys I interviewed tried to convince me for a bargain deal, Mr Dreishpoon is the one who convinced me that I should fight for my innocence if I truly believe so. Coming from a foreign background not familiar with the legal system in the US, this is crucially important. I am glad I hired him. The case was dismissed without going to court.Mr Dreishpoon is also very responsive to clients questions even years later when I tried to consult with him. He is very professional and knowledgeable and his answer always shows a sense of confidence.
Lin J.

“impressed with Mr. Dreishspoons knowledge as a lawyer”

Five Star Rating

I was injured in a car accident [...]. I never been in an accident of this magnitude and was impressed with Mr. Dreishspoons knowledge as a lawyer and willingness to always properly explain the process. There was nothing that I couldn't discuss with him regarding case. I would definitely refer him as a lawyer.
Kwame M.

“Great lawyer, great person“

Five Star Rating

Great lawyer, great person. My father was arrested [...], and made for very difficult circumstances, but Michal laid it all out clear and simple as possible throughout the hearings processes. We have checked out other lawyers, and he seemed most competent, observing details in the case that flew over the heads of the others. I'm very happy with the results which ended in an ACD.
Kenshin Ushiroda

“He resolved my case rather quickly and got me a fair settlement.“

Five Star Rating

I found out about this firm through an online search after being involved in an auto accident and it was an excellent decision to go with Mr Dreishpoon. He resolved my case rather quickly and got me a fair settlement. He also was available anytime i called to answer my questions and keep me posted on the status of my case.Definitely would recommend to anyone seeking an attorney.
Rony Beauge

“Truly a great lawyer. Someone you can trust to have your back!“

Five Star Rating

I utilized Mr. Dreishpoon's legal services after I was injured in a car accident [...] and I recall how thorough and attentive he was to my case [...]. I received one or more personal phone calls from him every single week! Always available ! Truly a great lawyer. Someone you can trust to have your back! Would definitely recommend!
Allison Angel Nelson

“very satisfied with his professionalism, knowledge, and honesty“

Five Star Rating

I was the passenger in a car accident [...]. Not knowing what my options were a friend referred me to The Law Offices of Michael Dreishpoon. I was informed of exactly what I needed to do to receive my maximum benefit. I won my case, and looking forward to my settlement so I can move on from this incident. I am very satisfied with his professionalism, knowledge, and honesty. I highly recommend hiring The Law Offices of Michael Dreishpoon.
Rayvon McCready

“He never gave in, fought tirelessly on my behalf and always thoroughly explained everything that was going on“

Five Star Rating

My friends got into a fight outside a nightclub and severely injured two guys. Two weeks later, I got arrested and charged with attempted murder because the victims claimed that I participated in the fight. I was facing 5 – 25 years in prison if convicted.I hired Michael Dreishpoon to represent me. He did his best to convince the prosecutor that I had nothing to do with the fight, but she would not listen. The case dragged on for nearly two years while Mr. Dreishpoon did a lot of legal maneuvering to get me out of the case. Finally, on the brink of trial, Mr. Dreishpoon submitted a motion to dismiss, and the judge granted it. I thought this nightmare was over.I was wrong. The Queens County District Attorney’s Office appealed the judge’s decision and won, so the case came back to life two years later. When we went back to court, the D.A. offered me a plea bargain deal: a felony conviction and 5 years in jail. I was scared to go to trial and risk getting convicted and spending the next 10 or more years in jail for something I didn’t do, but Mr. Dreishpoon told me that he thought that we could win. I trusted his judgment, rejected the deal and went to trial [ . . . ]. After a very long week of trial, I was acquitted of all charges!I was very satisfied with the job that Mr. Dreishpoon did. He never gave in, fought tirelessly on my behalf and always thoroughly explained everything that was going on. I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone who gets arrested.
Vindra Sawh

“I would recommend Michael to anyone that needs a lawyer“

Five Star Rating

[M]y ex-girlfriend falsely accused me of stealing money from her checking account and threatening her via e-mails and text messages. I told the detectives that she was lying, but they didn’t care what I had to say and arrested me on Petit Larceny and Aggravated Harassment charges. I hired Michael Dreishpoon to represent me on both cases. Michael worked hard and eventually convinced the district attorney to offer a plea bargain deal wherein the cases would be dismissed and sealed in 6 months if I stayed out of trouble. As part of the deal, my ex-girlfriend would have an order of protection against me for those 6 months. Rather than telling me to take the deal so that he could move on to the next case, Michael advised me to reject it and see if he could convince the judge to dismiss the cases by submitting a motion. I wasn’t thrilled about having to go back to court a bunch more times, but I didn’t like the sound of an order of protection hanging over my head for 6 months, so I agreed to take his advice and roll the dice. After a few more court dates, Michael got both cases dismissed! I would recommend Michael to anyone that needs a lawyer. He’s bright, honest, courteous, always available via phone, text or e-mail and knows his way around the courthouse. I’ve dealt with other attorneys in the past on business transactions and some of them left a bad taste in my mouth. I’m happy to say that Michael does not fall into that category.
Andrzej Kukla

“Michael did a wonderful job“

Five Star Rating

I was arrested [ . . . ] and charged with assaulting my husband. He actually attacked me, so I was shocked when the police put the handcuffs on me. A court-assigned attorney represented me for the next 8 months. When it became obvious that the prosecutor was never going to admit that the police arrested the wrong person, I searched around for an experienced trial attorney.I hired Michael Dreishpoon because he told me that I was justified in using force to defend myself. He wasn’t afraid to go to trial and never tried to talk me into taking a plea bargain deal.[ . . . ] After 4 days of trial, I was acquitted on all charges! Michael did a wonderful job. I could tell that he knew his way around the courtroom and had done a lot of trial work during his 20 years as an attorney. I can never thank him enough for believing in me and being my mouthpiece in court.
Sandra Davis

“I highly recommend his legal services.“

Five Star Rating

Michael Dreishspoon is the real deal attorney. I had a major situation occur [...] and was facing serious issues. Mr Dreishpoon saved me 4000 dollars and get me a plea I was happy to take knowing I was indeed innocent. I highly recommend his legal services.
Donte Grant

“A personal injury lawyer you would want to hire.“

Five Star Rating

[...] I was seriously injured in accident while riding my bike on the road. The seriousness of my injuries made me realized that I needed a very good personal injury lawyer. My uncle, who won a favorable settlement from an automobile accident a few years before referred me to attorney Michael Dreishpoon. I made an appointment to see him at his office. He sat with me patiently and ascertained all the facts about the accident before giving me an answer about what the possible outcome of my case would be and long it would take. Mr. Dreishpoon spoke to me in a professional manner and made sure I understood precisely what he was saying. He kept me abreast of what was happening during the time he was negotiating with the insurance company by personally calling me. My case was settled within the framework of time he predicted and the financial settlement I received was much more than I expected. Mr. Dreisphoon did a fantastic job in handling my case as did with my uncle's and I would surely recommend him for any personal injury case. This is a lawyer who you can talk to without feeling pressured.
Rabendra Sukhai

“Excellent representation and skilled attorney“

Five Star Rating

Michael Dreishpoon is very diligent, responsive and knowledgeable in his profession. He's very practical in his approach and is very result oriented. I realized I could trust Michael Dreishpoon when I asked him if i should sue someone who presented false allegations against me and if he would represent me. Rather then treat it as a business, Michael gave me good sound advice and advised me to not pursue it. I would trust his advice and representation in any legal area his practice focuses on.
Anthony B.

“nothing he didn't know how to handle“

Five Star Rating

I was in a car accident [...] and was referred to Michael for representation on the case. The best decision we made. Since the first day until the last, Michael was on top of the case and provided us with feedback and direction as soon as he had any information to share. There was nothing that Michael wasn't aware of and nothing he didn't know how to handle. I have recommended some friends to Michael since and will continue to do so as I believe you wont get better service. If I ever need representation for anything else in the future, I need not to look elsewhere.
Marlon Valles

“Mr. Dreishpoon is the best attorney ever!!“

Five Star Rating

Mr. Dreishpoon is the best attorney ever!! I recommend him for all your legal needs involving car accidents or drinking and driving cases. I was involved in a situation [...] and Mr. Dreishpoon got it fixed and put behind me in a prompt manner.
Barry G.

“Very professional and always on top of the case.“

Five Star Rating

Outstanding lawyer with high credentials who knows the books inside out. I had no concerns working with Mr. Dreishpoon, he does his hardest to get the job done and win. Very professional and always on top of the case. You can expect to hear from him every month at least once. He is always available if any questions arise from the client and if he is out of the office he never fails to return your call. If you are not reaching out to him with any questions or concerns he will make it his duty to call you. He will repeatedly make sure you are aware of everything going about in the case, do not hesitate if confused, he is there to help. Great lawyers do not wait, they are insistent and diligent, Mr. Dreishpoon is just that. Excellent lawyer by far.
Nikki Makwana

“Michael Dreishpoon is a true professional in every sense of the word“

Five Star Rating

It is without hesitation that I recommend Michael Dreishpoon, an experienced attorney whom I had the good fortune of representing me in a recent court case. Mr. Dreishpoon spent tireless hours gathering information which I hadn’t even considered to bolster my case. He painstakingly took the time to meet with me on many occasions to go over all the elements of the case to make sure I understood everything. I must admit I thought I didn’t have a chance of having my charges dismissed, particularly because of so many other things that were bothering me at the time, but I could not have been more wrong. I was indeed very fortunate to be represented by someone who really knows how to navigate the legal system to get the best possible outcome. My charges were dismissed. Michael Dreishpoon is a true professional in every sense of the word.
Raymond Atiles

“Simply put, he made it easy and stress-free for me.“

Five Star Rating

I would trust Michael Dreishpoon to represent me in future cases. I’ve consulted with a few lawyers, but I chose him because he was direct, thorough, and confident. He has a wide range of experience with the law, and he was able to handle my case (car accident) against the United States Postal Service. It was a long and frustrating process, but he communicated with me every step of the way. He reached out to me first if there were any updated information. Mr. Dreishpoon always made the time to answer my questions. Simply put, he made it easy and stress-free for me.Furthermore, I needed a lawyer with a traffic related case for my husband and he was the first person to respond to my message, and again, he got the job done. I appreciate everything he’s done and I highly recommend him.
Janet Choi

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