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If you’ve been arrested for possessing or selling drugs, you need an experienced New York drug charges lawyer to defend you. The repercussions of a drug conviction can haunt you for many years. On top of heavy fines, potential jail time and suspension of your driver’s license, you may be forced to forfeit important assets. You require a lawyer who understands the current laws and passionately fights to protect your rights.  

Michael Dreishpoon is a Queens drug possession defense lawyer with over 20 years of experience in handling drug cases in all five boroughs of New York City, as well as Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester and Rockland counties. The Law Offices of Michael Dreishpoon represents people charged with all types of drug-related felonies and/or misdemeanors, such as:

  • possession of marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin, ecstasy, meth, prescription drugs, etc., whether found on you, near you or inside something you own (e.g. the trunk or glove compartment of your car, your backpack or under your mattress);
  • possession with intent to sell;
  • undercover officer “buy-and-busts”;
  • trafficking drugs across state lines;
  • conspiracy to sell drugs;
  • possession of drug paraphernalia (e.g., scales, baggies, pipes, etc.).

No matter what type of drug charges you face, Michael Dreishpoon will fight hard to help you beat the case. In situations where people have been caught red handed or confessed, Michael has been successful at convincing prosecutors and/or judges to give such clients probation or a drug program instead of jail time. By carefully examining the specific facts of your case and performing a thorough investigation, Michael Dreishpoon will develop a defense strategy that will give you the best chance to succeed. Check out this page to see how drug laws may be tackling a rising epidemic.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you win a drug possession case?

Obtain Immediate Legal Representation. Your first move should be to retain the services of a qualified drug possession attorney who specializes in defending against felony drug accusations.

  1.       Evaluate Potential Defense Strategies….
  2.       Issues with Laboratory Testing….
  3.       Beyond a Reasonable Doubt….
  4.       Contact a Drug Possession Attorney Today.


How do you fight a possession charge?

Educate Yourself About Your Fourth Amendment Rights. The first and possibly most critical thing you can do to prepare for how to defeat a felony drug accusation is to familiarize yourself with your Fourth Amendment rights.

Consider Making a Compromise…. Fail to Acknowledge Possession…. Claim Entrapment…. Rely on Medical Exceptions.

Queens New York  Drug Possession Attorneys

  • Protecting the Rights of the Accused
  • Penalties for Drug Possession
  • Charges of drug possession for sale
  • Creating a Strategic Defense Plan


Queens New York Drug Possession Attorney

Being arrested with a drug possession charge can be frightening and frightening. With no pleasant faces or supporters to hear your side of the story, your world may fall upside down in an instant. Always request to speak with your drug possession attorney in Queens New York as soon as you are charged with a drug crime.


Possession Of Drugs Paraphernalia Charges Queens New York

Even if you don’t have any actual drugs on your person, it is still unlawful to possess drug paraphernalia that has been used to smoke or ingest illegal substances.

What Is A Drug Possession Charge Queens New York?

The laws regulating drug possession in the United States are difficult to understand. Every sort of drug and equipment has its own set of rules that spell out how a person who has been convicted will be penalized. Possession is defined as the concealment of an unlawful narcotic upon your person or property discovered while conducting surveillance in Queens, New York.

What Is Drug Manufacturing Queens New York?

You can be charged with drug manufacture if you are involved in any aspect of the manufacturing process, even just supplying a legal substance to be used by someone else in drug production.

Drug Possession Penalties In Queens New York

The quantity and type of drug discovered in the accused person’s possession will influence the severity of any given drug charge. Possession for sale is a separate offense that frequently entails harsher penalties than simple possession. State and federal drug possession rules prohibit possessing a controlled substance such as cocaine, heroin

Call To Explore Your Options With An Experienced Queens New York

Criminal Defense Attorney

  • Opium
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamines
  • Ecstasy
  • Narcotics
  • Hallucinogens
  • Illegal prescriptions


Queens New York Drugs Belong To Someone Else

In many states, possession of drugs is a crime. However, police need not find narcotics on your body or directly in your hands in order to convict you on drug possession charges. Instead, prosecutors must typically only demonstrate that you had control of or access to the substances.

How Serious Is A Drug Possession Charge In Queens New York?

Even if you are charged with having paraphernalia, it is considered a very serious offense in Queens. To fight a charge and safeguard your rights, you’ll need the assistance and representation of a Queens New York drug possession defense attorney who knows about New York drug possession laws and the court systems in your regions. In each case, the variety of penalties

What type of offense is drug possession?

Both state and federal laws prohibit drug possession, which is generally classified into two categories: simple possession and possession with intent to distribute. While mere possession is sometimes a crime, possession with the intent to distribute carries significantly severe penalties.

To arrange an initial consultation with this Queens County drug possession lawyer, call 718-618-6771 or contact the Law Offices of Michael Dreishpoon via email.

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