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Queens Auto Accident Lawyer

Auto AccidentEven slow-moving vehicles can cause serious injuries when they collide. With millions of people in the New York metropolitan area, and streets full of vehicles, it is not at all surprising that auto accidents are among the most common causes of personal injuries.

If you are suffering from an injury that resulted from an auto accident, the Law Offices of Michael Dreishpoon can help you make certain that those responsible will be held liable for your compensation. The Law Offices of Michael Dreishpoon can provide you the services of a Queens County auto accident attorney whether you need help with litigation or an insurance settlement.

Auto Accidents in Queens County

There are over two million people living in Queens County, many of whom own vehicles. Thus, its many roadways are complicated, crowded and often dangerous. The Law Offices of Michael Dreishpoon has years of experience in handling complex Queens auto accident cases that result in:

  • wrongful death
  • catastrophic injuries
  • head injuries
  • fractures
  • neck & back injuries
  • brain trauma

The Benefits of Getting an Experienced Queens Auto Accident Lawyer

As a client of the Law Offices of Michael Dreishpoon, you will receive all the benefits that only years of experience can provide. So let a veteran auto accident lawyer help you recover compensation for pain and suffering, lost time from work, medical expenses and rehabilitation.

We represent clients in cases involving:

  • car accidents
  • commercial truck accidents
  • motorcycle accidents
  • pedestrian knockdowns
  • lost wages
  • medical expenses
  • pain and suffering
  • change in quality of living

Michael Dreishpoon provides the highest quality legal representation and knows how to take on the insurance companies to get you the best possible compensation for your injuries. Michael is a highly experienced auto accident lawyer who works hand-in-hand with you, explains case details and keeps you informed every step of the way.

Contact Michael Dreishpoon and Get The Justice You Deserve!

No matter the circumstances of your injuries, if they are caused by an accident involving any type of motor vehicle, the Law Offices of Michael Dreishpoon will fight hard to negotiate or litigate to obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries. Our consultation is free and you don’t pay a legal fee unless we win.

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