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Building A Personal Injury Case

Building A Personal Injury Case

One of the best ways to assist your attorney in building a personal injury case is by keeping a diary in which you write down the important details. By keeping track of the specific doctors you see, the dates you see them, the procedures they perform, the dates you miss from work and the days the pain prevents you from getting out of bed, you will help your lawyer create an impressive settlement package that will convince the insurance adjustor that you deserve top dollar for your pain and suffering.

Writing Down Recollections From Your Personal Injury Can Help Significantly

Moreover, if the adjustor “low balls” you, then your diary will be a tremendous help when your attorney prepares you to testify at a deposition or trial. These litigation events generally take place many months or even years after the accident when memories have faded causing important details to become jumbled or totally forgotten. Your diary will refresh your recollection and prevent this from happening.  A few words jotted down each day during the first four to six months following the accident will go a long way toward constructing an air tight case.

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