Litigating a Personal Injury Case

Litigating a Personal Injury Case If a personal injury claim cannot be settled, the injured party’s attorney must institute a lawsuit to push the case to trial. The attorney will draft two formal documents (a Summons and a Complaint) setting forth the allegations of negligence that caused the injuries. The injured party thereafter is known […]

Helping Your Personal Injury Lawyer Help You

HELPING YOUR PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER HELP YOU If a personal injury case has to be litigated, it could drag on for many years. This means that memories of important facts often fade by the time the parties testify. This failure to remember specific facts can severely damage the case. KEEP DETAILS OF YOUR PERSONAL INJURY […]

Building A Personal Injury Case

Building A Personal Injury Case One of the best ways to assist your attorney in building a personal injury case is by keeping a diary in which you write down the important details. By keeping track of the specific doctors you see, the dates you see them, the procedures they perform, the dates you miss […]