Reimbursement for Lost Wages

If you sustain injuries in a motor vehicle accident in New York, and those injuries prevent you from working, then you can make a lost wages claim through the insurance company that insured your vehicle (known as the no-fault carrier). The no-fault insurance guidelines state that the carriers will pay eighty percent (80%) of your normal wage minus New York State short-term disability benefits. My office assists all of our auto accident clients with obtaining lost wage benefits free of charge.

In order to convince the insurance company to reimburse the client, we submit a letter from his/her treating physician stating that the injuries prevent him/her from working. Upon receipt of this letter, the claim representative will send an NF-6 form to the client’s employer to verify that the client actually works there, the amount of the weekly wages and the days missed from work. If everything checks out, then the no-fault carrier will send a check for the lost wages.

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