New York Airports and Guns Don’t Mix

Since the two major New York City airports are in Queens County, all of the “airport gun cases” come through the Queens County Criminal Court on Queens Blvd. in Kew Gardens. Every single day, gun owners that live in other states get arrested at JFK or LaGuardia when they try to fly home with their weapon of choice. Possessing a license to carry a gun in another state doesnot give you permission to bring that gun into the State of New York.

Do not rely on the airlines or the NYPD for accurate translations of New York’s weapon statutes (codified in Penal Law section 265). I’ve represented numerous people with gun licenses from other states that spoke to airline representatives and/or police officers and received incorrect advice. As a result thereof, they brought their guns into New York City, but got arrested at the airport while attempting to fly home. Even those who placed the gun in a “lock box,” put the ammunition in a separate “lock box” and placed both on the ticket counter got arrested. To add insult to injury, they got charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon in Second Degree, a class C violent felony that has a 3.5 year jail minimum and a 15 year maximum!

Without going into all of the details, suffice it to say that you cannot walk the streets of New York with a gun on your person (or even drive around with a gun in your car) unless you possess a NEW YORK carry license. If you somehow make it into New York with your gun, then you need to dispose of it or figure out a way to get it out of New York that doesn’t include a plane trip.

If you didn’t read this article before bringing your gun to New York and ended up getting arrested, call or text Michael Dreishpoon, Esq. immediately to discuss your options (718-793-5555; c 917-318-2340).